Privacy Policy has been online for quite some time, and in that time, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to protect our users. As a result, we’ve set a few ground rules and privacy policies to make sure everyone is comfortable using our site. First and foremost, will never give out your personal information without your consent. We also won’t sell or rent your information to any third party. In addition, we will never ask for your password or personal information via email.

Please read the entire terms and conditions as well as the privacy policies provided below before deciding whether or not to use our services.

What kind of information does this site gather from regular visitors?

The site “” collects a variety of information from its regular site users. This information includes, but is not limited to, name, email address, phone number, and job title. The site also collects the user’s IP address and browser information. This data is used to improve the user experience on the site and to provide relevant content and advertising. Moreover, this data is also used to match users with potential employers and to provide better service to its users.

How do we collect data from the visitors?

Collecting data from visitors is an important part of any website. relies on data to help improve the site and provide better service to its users. collects data in a few ways, including cookies and JavaScript.

How do we use the personal data of our visitors? is a website that collects personal data from its visitors in order to provide them with customized job recommendations. The website insists that it takes data privacy seriously and that it will never share any personal information with third-party companies without the express consent of the visitor. also claims to use state-of-the-art security measures to protect the data of its visitors.

How do we protect the personal information of our customers? takes the privacy of our visitors seriously. We protect the personal information of our visitors with industry-leading security measures. We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt the personal information that our visitors submit on our website. SSL is the most widely used security protocol on the internet. All over the world, websites use it to protect their visitors’ personal information from being stolen. Furthermore, uses firewalls in order to prevent unauthorized access to our website.

Do we like to use cookies?

Yes, does use cookies. Cookies are small files that a website transfers to a visitor’s computer hard drive for record-keeping purposes. The use of cookies is a common practice by many websites. Most browsers are initially set to accept cookies. You can set your browser to refuse cookies, but some parts of the website may not function properly without them. By using our website, you consent to the placement of cookies on your computer.

Why do we use cookies on our website?

The cookies you download to your computer when you visit a website are small files that can be accessed by your browser. They help to enhance your ability to experience a better user experience when you visit a website as they remember your preferences and settings. You are also able to use cookies to track your behavior while browsing a website and to gather data about you that can be used for marketing purposes.

Third Party Disclosure:

Your personal information is confidential and will not be visible to any third party. We do not share or transfer your personal information to any other third party. We will only use your personal information to recommend suitable jobs to you.

Third Party Links:

We are not responsible for any third-party links or resources on our site. The links do not imply that we endorse the website(s). You access such linked Websites at your own risk.

CaIOPPA Policies:

The California Online Privacy Protection Act (CaIOPPA) states that websites must disclose their privacy policies, and get parental consent before collecting any personal information from children under the age of 13. While the law has been in place for over a decade, many websites have yet to comply. If you visit our website anonymously, we will not collect any personal information about you. We will not collect any information about your visit to our website. We will not collect any information from your computer or mobile device. We will not track or profile you when you visit our website anonymously. You can visit our website anonymously by using a web browser extension or an online privacy service.

Does support third-party behavioral tracking on its website?

As a matter of fact, it allows third parties to track an individual’s behavior on the website as well.

Update Policy:

The website has all the rights to edit, update, delete or change any of the privacy policies. This policy was last updated three months ago. Users are encouraged to check back frequently for updates. By using, you agree to these terms.


It is very important you read our entire privacy statement as well as our terms and conditions since we hold you solely responsible for the use of our website.


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